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Cultivating the moral imagination and a love of the good

"Only the educated are free."
Roman slave turned counselor to emperors

Education that leads to a free human being is one that forms the soul rather than just imparts knowledge. It builds a foundation of virtue and wisdom, giving students a lens through which to explore and engage with the past, present and future. It does not segment learning into subjects but recognizes how everything is woven together. The focus is on gaining a deep understanding of life, its meaning and the created order, and developing the ability to reason with discernment. It is essential for knowing and living ones purpose in life.

Our materials, grounded in excellence and virtue, are designed to teach, entertain and inculcate the fundamental bedrock principles of character, wisdom and understanding essential to live a life of purpose, freedom and value. 


Over the past 100 years, there has been a targeted effort to turn schools away from an education that fosters virtue and wisdom, into merely training centers for future workers. Check out our brief overview on how this transformation has taken place.

Frequently Asked Questions

The time you have with your kids, and maybe even two or three hours of church each week, is not sufficient to counteract forty hours or more of social justice indoctrination. The state of our nation and freedom requires more than survivors of progressive (government) eduction. Our country need leaders. We need men and women of wisdom and courage. 

If you don’t play their game, you don’t have to play by their rules. Pull your children out of government schools if at all possible. This may require a sacrifice in lifestyle, but your kids are worth it. Homeschooling is becoming more popular. Our platform is a great source for this option.

Another option is Classical Christian Schools. Many offer scholarships. If those aren’t possible, you can still connect with homeschooling groups in your area and see how you and your children can participate in some way.

Something almost everyone  can do – get your kids off social media and plug them into our streaming service. Our materials are entertaining, engaging and fueled by a worldview designed to create leaders who, like the  sons of Issachar in I Chronicles 28:32,  understand the times and know what needs to be done.

Best + is a streaming service of quality content that is both entertaining and educational. With a focus on the passionate pursuit of truth, we offer a wide range of material that can be used as a school curriculum, to supplement another program, or for entertainment. Our material is created by contributors (educators, professionals, semi-professionals, filmmakers, hobbyists, even parents and families) who also have a passionate desire for the truth, and imparting it to the next generation. 

To access our material, you only need a high speed internet connection and a connected device that supports apps or browsers. These devices include smart phones, tablets, computers and smart TVs, along with Roku, Firestick, Apple TV, etc.

Our platform is convenient and easy to navigate, includes parent guides, the ability to supervise progress and grades, and the material is designed to prepare children to not only thrive in today’s world, but to be world changers.

As a parent, you don’t have to spend hours culling through content to make sure it’s safe. Our values are listed here, so it’s clear what messages are communicated through the content. Mom, you can fix dinner in peace knowing your children won’t stumble upon inappropriate content.

Each course comes with an overview and breakdown of the material and the core principles being taught.

For material from other sources (like a documentary that supports evolution) we have a review and a guide for using it to foster critical thinking. This type of content will be tagged for parental approval.

With our tagging system, students can learn based on interest by following tags rather than being tied to one curriculum for a specific subject.

Because our material is people generated, we have a unique variety of content for various learning styles and interests.

All of our content is guided and curated by a central focus: Support of the foundational principles upon which a free society stands. These principles include: Virtue, integrity, decency, loyalty, citizenship, critical thinking, self-government, responsibility, family, truth, courage,  respect, and beauty.You can be sure there is no critical race theory, no postmodernism, no wokeism, no LGBTQ+ agenda, no anti-Americanism. All of our material adheres to foundational bedrock principles based God’s revealed Word. You can view our values here.

With a monthly subscription you have access to all of our content. If you are using our material for school, each child can have their own login which you can access from your dashboard. You can see what they are viewing, their progress, grades, etc. To find material, you can search by genre, subject, grade, age, creator, learning style, keywords, titles, etc.

We are always looking for great content. The first step is to review our Standards and Submission Guide here